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This domain is divided into two subdomains: 20x magnification and 40x magnification.


  • Measurement of image quality.
  • Scan with manual interaction in a clinical pathology laboratory
  • Scan using 20x and 40x


  • 10 glass slides
  • Selected from the daily workload of different pathology institutions
  • Specimen from different origins and with different stains

General Conditions

  • All participants had to scan the same slides
  • Any manual interaction was allowed
  • Rescan of slides was allowed
  • 60min/30min time limit for 40x/20x per 2 slide bundle


  • Three diagnostic relevant regions have been extracted from each slide of all participants
  • Areas were presented in parallel to evaluators
  • Resolution at presentation was 1:1
  • Manual assessment by pathologists
  • Standardized evaluation terminals