Image Analysis

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  • Scan image for quantification
  • Quantify the amount of Ki67-positive tumor cells


  • Breast cancer tissue micro array (TMA)
  • Stained for nuclear proliferation marker Ki67 (DAPI)
  • 20 tumor regions, with different grades of malignancy, were defined for participants
  • Each region(~0,2mm2, containing 250 – 1000 nuclei) was located in one spot

General Conditions

  • All participants got the identical slide and deliver the corresponding WSI
  • TMA spots may be selected manual or automatically
  • Results have to be reported as an Excel-sheet with cell type Ki67 positivity for each single cell
  • 60min time limit the entire test


  • Ki67 positivity was analyzed on the level of spots
  • Spots with different Ki67-index (between 0% and 40%) and different malignancy grade were selected
  • Mean deviation D of all deviations between estimated scores xi and true score Xi , ratio between positive tumor cells and all tumor cells (Ki67-index), for all spots