High Throughput

High Throughput, also called Fast Routine Scanning, or Mass Scan.

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This domain is divided into two subdomains: 20x magnification and 40x magnification.


  • Measurement of scanning time and image quality.
  • Scan under daily-use conditions in a clinical pathology laboratory.
  • Scan glass slides in a routine procedure without manual interaction.
  • Scan using 20x and 40x


  • 35 glass slides (20 biopsies and 15 specimen of surgical material)
  • Glass slides are randomly selected from the daily workload of different pathology institutions
  • Comparable sets of mixed slides
  • Specimen from different origin (HE only)

General Conditions

  • Preparation and scanning time have been measured separately
  • No interaction or reloading of the scanner will be allowed, after starting batch-scan
  • Regions on the slides are not marked. All relevant particles have to be found automatically
  • 8h/4h time limit for 40x/20x


  • No reference focus assessment using automatic image analysis
  • Time needed for scanning and data handling