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This domain is divided into two subdomains: 20x magnification and 40x magnification.


  • Scan monochrome slides stained with immuno-fluorescence
  • Detection of scan area
  • Detection of different intensity levels (dilutions)
  • Determination of influence of background & noise
  • Scan using 20x and 40x


  • 6 glass slides (one for each participant (5) and one for round-robin scan)
  • Artificial slides (Quantum Dots – 4 dilutions)
  • Layout: 4 areas, 4 columns, 8 rows
  • Dilution factor 3

General Conditions

  • All participants had to scan one common and one individual slide
  • Regions on the slides were not marked
  • Any manual interaction was allowed
  • 2h/1h time limit for 40x/20x per 2 slides


  • Selection of slides with signals from all dilutions
  • Analysis of column 4 (1:27)
  • Measurement of avg. SNR, CNR and signal-sharpness