2016.02.09 - News from the centers

An invitation to the Third International Scanner Contest in Berlin

The 3rd ISC will take place during the 13th European Congress on Digital Pathology

All manufacturers of slide scanners are invited to participate in the Third International Scanner Contest (ISC) in Berlin, under the auspices of the European Society of Pathology, German Society of Pathology, and the Berufsverband Deutscher Pathologen e.V. (German Professional Organization of Pathologists).

The previous ISCs have been a success for manufacturers as well as for pathologists and other users. The results have influenced the ongoing development of scanners and the understanding of image quality and evaluation procedures. This contest helps to identify and clarify the specific requirements of image acquisition and digitalization in diagnostic pathology and initiates innovative discussions between developers, vendors and users.

Formerly established and recently re-evaluated criteria will increase the value of the contest, which may support customers to find the appropriate scanner for their specific tasks. Furthermore, the 3rd ISC will again serve the manufacturers as a benchmark.


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